I no longer crave candy/sweets which is HUGE for me.

I wanted to share from my perspective the fitness program with Lynn Reif.  Let me start by saying my husband and I chose her due to numerous friend recommendations and seeing the results of their participation in her program.  She is informative and responsive with any questions or concerns you may have.  We are in week 6 right now and to tell the truth I haven’t been hungry at all.  My brain had a difficult time getting used to feeding the body instead of starving the body but Lynn insisted this was the right formula.  The menu she gave us is easy to follow and when you add sauces and seasonings the food is very good.  I no longer crave candy/sweets which is HUGE for me.  It takes work and you have to PLAN.  Prepping your food ahead of time is a MUST but it works.  It is not a fast fix, health and weight loss never is but at 55 I needed to make my weight and health a priority.  The exercise piece was difficult but not something my body couldn’t do.  I am down 6.7lbs which isn’t much but my body is changing.  The pictures she requests you take really show what the scale didn’t.  I still have a ways to go but I am dedicated to this journey and believe Lynn will get me to my goals.