Hi, I'm Lynn!

I am an NASM certified nutrition coach, fitness nutrition specialist, personal trainer, International Federation of Bodybuilders professional athlete, and an all federation Competition Prep Coach.

I created Vital Nutrition and Fitness by Lynn to offer my clients a clearer pathway toward success. This process begins with an individualized approach to nutrition and fitness. In order to develop a customized plan, I must get to know each of my clients on a personal level.

I meet with each person to discuss their lifestyles, medical or orthopedic issues, favorite foods and ultimate goals. After that meeting, I put together a balanced nutrition plan and a progressive fitness plan specifically targeted to each client’s goals which can be accessed through a personal client portal on my free app.

As we go along, I make minor modifications to the plan as needed to ensure that you continue to make progress toward your personal goals. During this process, I teach my clients how to eventually incorporate the foods they enjoy while maintaining nutritional balance and still reaching their goals.


15 +


100 +

Lost 15 pounds or more

10- 15 Pounds

Lost per 8 week plan

2000 +Pounds

Total Weight Lost

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certifications:
  • Personal Trainer
  • Neuromuscular Stretching
  • Balance Training
  • Core Training
  • Reactive Training
  • Resistance Training
  • Cardio for Performance
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Nutrition Coach
Professional Personal Trainer Association (PROPTA) certifications:
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Nutrition Supervisor
  • Vitamin Expert

A Little More About Me 🙂

I began my fitness journey in 2008 while my late husband was deploying for a lengthy West Pac tour aboard the USS Nimitz. I thought it would give me something positive to focus on during his 14-month deployment. I had been a multi-sport athlete as a child and in high school, but I did not know anything about working out as an adult. But, with time on my hands, I went to the base gym on the Marine Core Air Station in Beaufort, SC, hopped on a treadmill, and began to people watch. I looked for the ones who seemed to be the fittest and started duplicating the exercises they were doing.

It only took about a week and I was hooked. I quickly started working toward becoming a personal trainer and while I was pursuing that certification, I became exposed to fitness and bodybuilding competitions. I have always been a competitive person so after attending a competition, I knew I had to give it a try! I gathered more information and soon after began my first competition prep. I learned how to pose and make my own suit on YouTube. In 2010, 10 short months after I started, I stepped on stage for my first National Physique Committee show. I placed 6th but realized I could do much better. I have continued to compete through the years and in 2012 I earned my professional status on my 6th show ever, just 7 months after my husband was killed. I have gone on to compete in several pro shows but have shifted my focus to guiding others for now.

Throughout my own fitness journey and the journeys of my clients, what I have discovered is that for most people, the vital piece of the puzzle that is missing is nutrition. I like to say that you can’t outrun your fork and it is very true! Although it seems like there is unlimited nutritional information available everywhere, in my opinion it can be confusing and contradictory. For this reason, I will be there to help you every BITE and step of the way!

Lastly, I have learned a lot as a military wife that has helped me in my life and my career: strength from within, compassion, diligence, independence, dedication, sacrifice, mental fortitude, motivation, time management, consistency, a sense of humor, determination, commitment, organization and empathy. All of which are crucial when guiding others through unfamiliar territory! My ultimate goal is to assist as many people as I can to a better quality of life through nutrition and fitness.

Schedule your consultation today and let me help get you started on your very own journey!

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Our curriculum is based in cutting edge psychology, brain science, nutrition, intuitive listening, habit change.

Our curriculum is based in cutting edge psychology, brain science, nutrition, intuitive listening, habit change. and healthy lifestyle design. In enim justo, rhoncus ut, imperdiet a, venenatis and healthy lifestyle design.

Proteins 90%
Fruit 80%
Vegetables 70%